This is HOPE

At HOPE, we offer outpatient psychotherapy for individuals and families, nutrition counseling and education, as well as group psychotherapy focused on the relational aspects of eating disorders. We place a strong emphasis on the importance of a team approach and we value working with other professionals and clinicians in Frederick.

We understand that there can be points in life when we are overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, and/or life circumstances, and we do what we can to feel in control of something when everything else feels out of control. And sometimes, we feel like our mind, body, and/or relationships can feel off-base or even at war with one another. It is our mission at HOPE to collaborate together and assist individuals and the community in identifying and treating this struggle between mind and body, food and relationships. Our goal is to provide a place for growth and nurturance, leading to physical, psychological, and relational health.

Simply, at HOPE, we want to offer just that – HOPE – for those suffering and struggling with eating and/or body image difficulties. And with hope, and through work, comes healing and space for recovery and peace with oneself and within one’s community.