Services Offered

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Nicole offers individual and family psychotherapy. After an intake with a patient, the therapist and patient decide what approach to therapy seems best and most appropriate. Adults are usually seen in individual therapy. Often, for adolescents, a combination of individual and family therapy is used, since the teenager is needing the family’s support in their recovery.

Nutrition Counseling
Amy provides initial and follow-up nutrition counseling that focuses on promoting appropriate nutrition intake, monitoring food triggers, introducing flexibility with food choices and meals, working with hunger and satiety cues, and engaging in exercises to extend the palate.

Body Image and Eating Struggles Support Seminar
Nicole and Amy offer a monthly group support seminar series. Each month covers one of the following topics: emotional eating, body image/self identity, developing healthy coping skills, and nutrition education. You may attend just one or all of the seminars in the series. This is a fairly informal class with an opportunity for participants to ask questions and receive feedback. Appropriate for adults and older teens, who are seeking extra support in dealing with these issues. Seminars take place in Nicole’s office. For more information contact Nicole at 301-663-3350 or

Yoga Therapy
Yoga therapy with Julie Hanson hosted in Kindred Nutrition’s office Mondays is held from 7:00-8:15PM. Contact Amy Goldsmith via email at to sign up.

Psychological Assessments for Bariatric Surgery
Nicole provides psychological assessments and testing for patients who are considering bariatric surgery for weight loss.  The assessments consist of a clinical interview and psychological testing, and a report for the patient’s surgeon which helps assist in determining a patient’s readiness for life-changing surgery.

At HOPE, we are committed to consulting with clinicians and providers in the community for coordinated care as well as case consultation. We also provide family or individual consultation for one to two visits regarding eating disorder and treatment education.

Additional Services
Resting Metabolic Rate Testing for weight restoration
Spectracell lab testing – unique diagnostic tool for nutrition deficiencies
Meal Planning and Preparation
Family meal Assessments (coordinated with psychologist)